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Khan Lab School 

Student data dashboard.

Blended learning is core to the Khan Lab School education model. Teachers monitor student progress in real-time and provide actionable feedback to their students. To scale this model to a classroom of 20+ students using over four apps each, the teachers needed a one-stop-shop to view all their students' activities. We created for them a student dashboard platform. Read more in the linked article, also found on Educators' resources at Khan Lab School's website. 

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East Palo Alto Academy

MTSS Platform.

East Palo Alto Academy is applying a Multi-tiered System of support model to help students reach their graduation requirements. We build them a custom-made platform to get a holistic view of school performance and student-specific needs and a one-stop-shop to record and monitor interventions. 


The Greater Dayton School

Data dashboard for schools.

Greater Dayton School combines mastery and blended learning. To support their model we created a unique platform that combines inputs from LMS and e-learning tools to track student performance, progress, and mastery at formative and summative levels.  

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